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Looks like a real musical instrument, and sounds like a real orchestra.
Has look and feel of the real musical instrument.
Converts computer keyboard into a piano keyboard. You can actually play music pieces on your QWERTY keyboard.
Compatible with internal and external MIDI devices.


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ARPTON™ Synthesizer - Arpeggiator - Player is an electronic musical instrument emulated in software. It turns a PC keyboard into a MIDI input device and provides you with a way to play live music without use of a conventional music keyboard.
You no longer need to purchase expensive synthesizers. You can use your computer keyboard as your musical instrument.
You can play alone, play with any MIDI or MIDI-Karaoke accompanement, and sing into a microphone at the same time.
This may be useful when you first get started, or if you are on the move with ARPTON™ installed on a laptop and would like to play music without dragging a keyboard around.
ARPTON™ can generate sounds using any synthesizer (hardware and/or software) residing inside your computer, and uses your sound card to output the sound it produces.
You can decide whether send the output from the soundcard to headphones or to a pair of speakers.
Even the beginner will become very comfortable with the program from the first step.

For Starters: Allows kids and adults to play live music on a computer without buying a separate electronic musical instrument. Provides an opportunity to the unsure to perform using just a PC keyboard before spending money on the "real thing".
For professionals: Capable of creating amazing arpeggios and loops that can be included in music compositions. It can be used to generate melodic sequences in real time with endless variations.

ARPTON™ Synthesizer - Arpeggiator - Player contains the following components:
Virtual instrument: ARPTON™ provides you a way to play music using PC keyboard and your computer as a synthesizer.
It will satisfy many hobbyists for whom playing music is fun.
Synthesizer ARPTON™ Synthesizer - Arpeggiator - Player includes a Java Sound synthesizer and can use sounds of any other synthesizers (hardware or software) available on your computer.
You can select a synthesizer of your choice that satisfies your music taste. 
Arpeggiator ARPTON™ Synthesizer - Arpeggiator - Player includes  the  full-featured professional grade arpeggiator, which allows you to color your performance in a wide variety of ways. Your imagination is the only limit.
Arpeggiator can be used as a powerful tool for creating amazing arpeggios and loops for your compositions and arrangements.
MIDI Recorder ARPTON™ Synthesizer - Arpeggiator - Player automatically records the last arpeggio variation and saves it as a standard MIDI file that can be played back or used later in your compositions.
MIDI Player ARPTON™ Synthesizer - Arpeggiator - Player includes a MIDI Player that plays MIDI (.mid) and MIDI-Karaoke (.kar) files.
The MIDI Player always uses the Java Sound soundbank (deluxe recommended) to produce the most natural sounds.
You can listen to MIDI compositions and play ARPTON™ keyboard at the same time, using any of the available synthesizers.
You can adjust the tempo and set the volume balance between the MIDI Player and your performance.
Karaoke Player ARPTON™ Synthesizer - Arpeggiator - Player can extract and display text and lyrics from MIDI and MIDI-Karaoke files (if they contain such information) in a text area of the MIDI Player's panel.
You can connect the microphone to your soundcard and:
  • Listen to the music from the MIDI file,
  • Play the keyboard,
  • Sing the song using lyrics on the screen.
All at the same time.

Your system needs to satisfy the following requirements for you to be able to download, install, and run the program:
CPU Intel Pentium Processor, 500 MHz or faster. Pentium III or higher recommended for live performance mode.
OS Windows 98/Me/2000/XP.
Java Runtime Environment(JRE) for Windows * ARPTON™ is written in JAVA programming language and requires a JRE to be installed on your computer.
* During installation ARPTON™ automatically detects a presence of the correct version of JRE, and downloads and installs it, if necessary.
Java Sound Soundbank Three versions of Java Sound Soundbank: minimal, medium and deluxe are available for free download  at
The minimal soundbank is included with ARPTON™, and will be installed automatically at the time of the first launch, if necessary.
For the best results it is recommended to download and install the deluxe version. You can do it later.
RAM 128MB or more
Hard Drive * Less than 2 MB of free hard drive space is required to install ARPTON™.
* Additional drive space could be required to install JRE.
* Reserve additional space for the files that you will create.
Video 16-bit color or higher, 800 x 600 resolution, or higher. (1280 x 1024 is recommended).
Sound *Windows compatible sound card.
(Hi-Fi sound card with built-in hardware synthesizer is recommended for the best sound quality.)
Standard Keyboard and Mouse  
Internet connection For downloads, making a payment, and requesting the Activation Key.
Valid email address is necessary for receiving payment confirmation and Activation Key.
Speakers or headphones * Hi-Fi speakers or headphones are recommended
OPTIONAL * Third party software to edit MIDI files.
* Notation software to convert MIDI files to sheet music.
* MIDI cable and external MIDI synthesizer.

The installation process consists of the following steps:
Download and install Java Runtime Environment (JRE). JRE is necessary for running all programs written in JAVA programming language including ARPTON™. If your computer does not have JRE installed, you need to download and install the latest version of JRE from . It is available for free and quite simple, just follow the instructions.
Install ARPTON™. If you are reading this file during the installation process, it means that ARPTON™ has been successfully installed.
Download and install Java Sound Soundbank (optional) ARPTON™ Synthesizer - Arpeggiator - Player includes the minimal version of the Soundbank, which makes it fully functional.
You can download and install more advanced Soundbank for free, if you go to .
That page provides access to different Soundbanks, that you can download and use with ARPTON™. Soundbanks are required for correct operation of the software synthesizer. By default, the JRE for Windows does not include a Soundbank, so ARPTON™ automatically installs one.
You can optionally download and install the following versions:
  • midsize [1.09 MB].  This is the medium sized Soundbank, which gives you slightly better quality than the minimal Soundbank.
  • deluxe [4.92 MB].  A mammoth Soundbank with the best quality sound samples. (recommended)

NOTE: You need to install JRE for a Trial Version only.
If you like this product and decide to buy a license for an unlimited use, all you need is an Activation Key.

The uninstallation process consists of the following steps:

1. Click the "Start" button, point to "Settings", and then click on "Control Panel."
2. Double-click on the "Add/Remove Programs" icon. "Add/Remove Programs Properties" dialog will be opened.
3. Click on the "Install/Uninstall" tab ("Change or Remove Programs" icon on Windows 2000).
4. Click "ARPTON" in the list in the dialog.
5. Click the "Add/Remove" button ("Change/Remove" button on Windows 2000).
6. Continue uninstallation according to the displayed instruction.

You can install ARPTON™ Synthesizer - Arpeggiator - Player on any number of computers.
You can redistribute and copy the software without restrictions.
Each new installation is a fully functional Trial Version. The Trial period starts with a first launch of the software.
Trial Version can be converted into the Full unlimited version with an Activation Key.
The Activation Key is calculated for each installation, and can activate only the installation for which it has been requested. You cannot use the same Activation Key to activate any other installations.
You can buy a license (in a form of an Activation Key) and activate the software during the Trial period, or later.
Every installation on a new computer starts a Trial.
Reinstall on the same computer over existing copy does not affect the Trial period.


Arpton HelpDesk

The ARPTON™ documentation is provided as a set of HTML files located in HTML folder. You can view and print these files using your default Web browser.
The same information can be viewed using the on-screen HelpDesk when you run the application.

ARPTON™ Synthesizer - Arpeggiator - Player contains extensive on-screen help at several levels:

Additionally, the HelpDesk contains few functional tabs, which are also accessible from the Menu on a top of the screen:

On-screen HelpDesk can be toggled between hidden or shown mode using HelpDesk menu .

ARPTON™ Synthesizer - Arpeggiator - Player is an easy program to use and doesn't require any special knowledge.
In order to quickly get familiar with the basic features just read the information available through the on-screen HelpDesk.
To take advantage of all included features, we recommend you to read the provided documentation.

Trial Version of ARPTON™ is fully functional for 30 days after first install.
Reinstall of the Trial version does not extend your trial period.
After 30 days all functions become disabled. Only the tab 'Get Full Version' remains functional that allows you to purchase the license, request the Activation Key, and activate the software.
All features will be restored for users who purchase a license and enter the Activation Key for a Full (unlimited) Version.
If you purchase the license, get your Activation Key, and activate ARPTON™ before the trial expire, you will be able to use ARPTON™ without interruption.
You can purchase the license and activate the ARPTON™ directly from the program whether or not the trial has expired.
Use tab 'Get Full Version' from the 'HelpDesk' panel and follow the instructions.
NOTE: The tab 'Get Full Version' is the only tab which remains functional after the trial expires.

If you like ARPTON™, you can purchase the license and activate it directly from the program, whether or not the Trial expired.
Use tab 'Get Full Version' from the 'HelpDesk' panel and follow the instructions.

1. When using Java Sound Soundbank, arpeggio timing may be inaccurate during a live performance. (Playback of recorded arpeggios and other MIDI files is always fine.)
Solution: If you experience noticeable delay or unstable timing during live performance, try to select another available synthesizer.

2. When playing chords on the PC keyboard some notes are missing.
Solution: The reason for this effect is the difference in internal circuits of PC keyboards. Some PC keyboards does not allow to press too many keys at the same time. Some keyboards recognize more keys pressed at the same time, and some less. You may need some experience with using your keyboard to learn if it has such restrictions. You may need to try different keyboards.

Only 30 days email support is available for a Trial version.
The users who have purchased a license for a full unlimited version receive unlimited free technical support via email.
If you are experiencing any difficulties, email us to Support.

Please provide the following information:

11. Demo
Listen to the Demo

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